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But everyone's journey is unique

Here you can see examples of our clients journey’s, told in their own words.

This page has been put together to show that we’re all travelling a road together. The ‘journey’ from first realising things can be better, to being able to reflect and see how far you’ve come. 

Together, we’re creating great places to work!

Diane’s Journey

Loving life in leadership

Like many of our Platinum and Mastermind members, Diane has become a positive influence in the profession and created a great place to work. Throughout her journey on the Platinum Academy, which she has now graduated, her priorities were people development, business strategy and financial performance. With an amazing team and an award-winning practice, Diane is enjoying veterinary life, leadership and everything in between.


From surviving to thriving

Robin joined Vet Dynamics because he was committed to making certain changes in his practice that he’d wanted for some time. Being part of a Platinum group, provided Robin with support and accountability, which enabled and empowered him to make leaps forward with his practice in less than a year. The result? A happier team, better client experience and a more financially stable business. Robin now has more time to look to the future, to develop and equip his fantastic team, and to enjoy the many benefits of running a successful veterinary business.


No mountain too high for Beacon View Vets

Josh and Claire reached out to Vet Dynamics right at the beginning of their ownership journey and completed our Start Up Academy. Opening a practice at the start of the pandemic was a momentous challenge but they‘ve gone from strength to strength. They soon took the next step of joining the Platinum Academy where they refined their solid foundations further. What Josh and Claire have built, has become an inspiring practice which could be described as a true “beacon” in the veterinary world.


Mastery, autonomy and progress

Claire and Josh have so much more confidence now as leaders, having gained so much learning from our curriculum and the experiences of other leaders in the Platinum community. An outstanding work environment and culture, means their team continue to take on more responsibility, while thriving at the same time.  They’ve graduated the Platinum Academy and have transitioned onto our Mastermind Academy to maintain the progress they’re achieving and to really perfect their leadership skills.


Shared vision, experience and insights

The directors of Rowan vets, Ruth and Drew, had already done a lot of work around leadership and team development before coming to us. They joined the Platinum Academy for the community, structured development and to plan and execute all their ideas in a systematic way. They found other members experiences in practice (the good and bad) really useful and used the benefit of others’ experiences to their advantage; developing their team and practice even further. Ruth and Drew bring various members of their team to attend specific Platinum meetings to help share our philosophies back in the practice.


Expansion and upgraded digital capabilities


Change for the better

Mandy and Jeremy run a large mixed practice in the beautiful foothills of the Lake District. They joined our Platinum Academy looking for ways to do things differently. Having embraced all the teachings and insights, they worked with us to implement changes needed. By taking regular time ‘out’ of the business, they’ve been able to work ‘on’ it, driving the business forward at pace. In a modest amount of time, they’ve improved whole practice communication, team culture and dynamics and practice profitability. Proof that belief in your vision, hard work, and dedication pays off.


More time, more profit

By 18 months into their Platinum journey, Mandy and Jeremy are enjoying the benefits of having developed their team. Now with the right people, in the right place, responsible for one thing and doing it well, Mandy and Jeremy are free to focus on the areas they choose, communication has improved, and they’ve achieved the financial stability they needed.

Mandy & Jeremy’s Journey: Part 3

No more Octopus Management for us!

Now 3 years in, Mandy and Jeremy have graduated the Platinum Academy and have progressed onto our Mastermind Academy. They’ve established financial stability and growth. They’ve developed an effective management team that can confidently make decisions and manage the practice operationally in their absence. And they’re looking ahead at possibly adding a branch practice. Their goals now include consolidating, refining, and building on the strong foundations and community relationships they’ve established. No more octopus management here!


From good to great to exceptional

Kate joined us more than 10 years ago, just before buying her then, 1.2 vet practice. During this time, she’s grown a beautiful small family as well as an exceptional vet business. Having expanded in recent years, Kate opened an additional surgery, recruited more vets and was one of the country’s first membership only practices, inclusive of consults. As a long-standing member of our Mastermind Academy, and recipient of the prestigious ‘Sheridan Award’ in 2021, Kate is an inspirational woman, now positively influencing the independent community, her peers, and the wider veterinary profession. We’re very proud of the part we play in hers and husband Howard’s story.

Richard’s Journey

Finding equilibrium after a vicious cycle

Richard and his business Partner spent years chasing their tails, going in circles trying to make progress. For them, the Platinum journey was the only pathway that worked and set them free. It worked so effectively for Richard because he committed fully to the programme – even completing the painstaking task of filling in his 3-year plans! The Partners embraced the lessons, the advice and the philosophies and have never looked back since.

Mark's Journey

A return, so much more than financial

To the rest of the world, Mark was following the Platinum journey. To those that know him well, Mark had embarked on an enormous journey of self-discovery. He knew he was investing in himself as well as his people and practice and to use Mark’s own words, “the return is so much more than financial”. As well as developing his leadership skills and a high performing veterinary business, Mark has achieved balance. A better work-life-fit, where he can enjoy much more time at home, and less time at work.