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Champions for the independent practice, through every chapter

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Our Mission and Purpose

We believe independent practices provide enormous value to their communities and the humans managing them, deserve a fulfilling, rewarding life. 
Which is why we’re on a mission to help you succeed.


The story continues

We’re constantly evolving, adapting, and refining our products and services, and have been since 2004. Have a scroll to see some of the milestones we’re proud to have reached along the way. 

The Index is built

Having identified the need for more meaningful veterinary business intelligence, our developers built the Index; an easy, convenient way for leaders to measure, monitor and manage clinical output, team performance and client trends.

Platinum Academy is launched

Our very first Platinum cohort began their 2 year journey with us in 2009. Due to the success it created for members, further development was sought and so we developed the Mastermind Academy which is still going strong today.

PMS Data Collection Automated

Harnessing new technology, we were able to automate the process of collecting clients PMS data. This saved so much time for us as well as our clients, and allowed us to serve many more practice owners with Index. 

First Vet Dynamics Conference

Our very first 3-day Vet Dynamics Conference was held, which was the first time our entire community of members came together. 

Practice brokering began

To help owners achieve better exit outcomes, we used our vast connections and began offering a brokering service to independents.

Our first Vet Academy launched

The Vet Academy began after identifying a need to equip vets in practice with commercial, personal and inter-personal skills.

Platinum Academy celebrates 10 Years

A huge celebration to recognise 10 years of the Platinum Academy, through which, more than 250 independent practice owners transformed life and leadership in their veterinary journeys.

Our 20th Platinum Group

Not only our 20th Platinum group, but also our very first virtual group. Some inspiring leaders, building amazing veterinary businesses and sharing the journey.

The Index goes cloud-based

Our Index became cloud based, enhancing the user experience, saving more time, and improving speed, performance and security. 

The Rebuild Revolution

Positive change is needed profession-wide and the Rebuild revolution began, creating the vet practice model of the future. One which is fit for purpose and serves its people, pets and the planet.   

Learning goes online

Our online Learning Management System goes live, bringing lessons, materials and resources to you at the touch of a button. 

Annual Community Retreat commences

Our community members wanted more time together, more time to connect and more future focused vet business CPD. The Community Retreat was born.

Illuminating Independents

All and every independent practice owner / manager, is welcome at the Vet Dynamics Conference. Members and non-members alike.

Vet Graduate Academy Launched

Vet Dynamics and Central CPD collaborated to deliver a comprehensive 12 month programme of both clinical and non-clinical learning, mentoring, and development for graduates entering independent practice.

Professional Development Academy Launched

The Professional Development Academy was launched in response to a growing and urgent need to equip individuals in practice, with commercial, self leadership and inter-personal skills. 

We became an EOT

Staying true to our values and in the ultimate demonstration of faith and trust, Directors Alan and Vicky Robinson decided to make the team at Vet Dynamics share owners. 
This ensures we continue serving the independent vet community, independently.

The Industry Index is here!

With our Industry Index, everyone gets the big picture. See what’s happening in veterinary clinics nationally and track trends at the click of a button. More detail coming soon...

Practice Index Includes P&L Analysis

After months of development, the Vet Dynamics Index now includes full analysis and detailed breakdown of your P&L data (Profit & Loss) so you can see all of your essential business intelligence, at the click of a button!


Your Journeys

Over a thousand independent practices have worked with Vet Dynamics to develop their teams, improve business performance and to thrive. 
Check out some of these stories to see what’s possible.


Our Team

Our people are the lifeblood of Vet Dynamics and here we would like to introduce you to the passionate individuals that root for and support you.  The faces behind the names.

We’re proud of our varied skills and life experiences from within and beyond the veterinary sector. This rich mix means we’re able to help and guide you in all aspects of your  journey.

Lorraine Wright

General Manager

"I love this industry, the people that serve it, and helping to make incredible things happen. Also Quiz night 😉"

Claire Derry

Business Development

"I love going out, meeting people, hearing their stories, and understanding their needs. "

Gemma Barmby

Practice Development Consultant

"I love seeing my clients plans come to life as they reach their goals. Then celebrating them!"

Rachel Talmage

Marketing and Client Experience

"I love finding creative ways to enhance our customer journeys and communicate."

Heather Wannell

Practice Valuations and Directors Support

"I love honouring a promise and delivering results. Making people happy."

Amandeep Budwal

Marketing & Events Executive

"Being system oriented, and a perfectionist, I love making sure things flow well and smoothly."

Gemma Johnson

Client Care Manager

Lara Jacobs

Exit Strategy Support

"I love matching people with opportunities and making dreams come true!"

Elly Woolcott

Business Development and Events Manager

"I love delivering on promises and making connections in the amazing industry I am so privileged to be part of."

Brendan Talmage

Marketing, Photography and Events

"I love helping bring our events to life and capturing the human connections on camera."

Alan Robinson

Director and Founder of the Platinum Academy


Rosie Gower

Accounts and Internal Operations


Vicky Robinson

Director and Head of Practice Sales


Millie Hackeborn

Client Services and Events Administrator

Rebecca Robinson

Practice Development Consultant. PDA & VGA Coach

"I love being part of a community who aren't afraid to do things a little differently"

Rory Shearer

Practice Development Consultant



Our Culture

Our culture is based upon connection, curiosity, trust and kindness. We have a knack for finding the right people at the right time who’s values echo ours. No matter the role, every person here knows they are part of something special and contributing to our vision. We are more than a business consultancy company, we are a community of engaged, high performing individuals who empower veterinary practices to thrive.

In 2022 we became an Employee Ownership Trust. This is the culmination of years of dedication and hard work by the people who believe in what we do here at Vet Dynamics. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


Coming soon - projects in development:

Revenue Optimizer - an analytic solution enabling you to discover misbilling and pricing discrepancies in your practice