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Independent-Only Insurance

January 2, 2024

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Independent-Only Insurance

Local Pet Insurance through your Independent Practice
By Elizabeth Graham – Pet Proactive

Pet Proactive is a pet insurance provider and data analytics business serving only independent vets.

With a unique approach based upon trusted partnerships with veterinary practices, all aspects of the insurance process are driven from the practice’s treatment data.

This enables Pet Proactive to offer a new type of pet insurance that provides lifetime cover for treatment and referrals through the practice.

The policies are designed for customers who are happy to commit to using the practice. In return for this commitment, they benefit from much simpler insurance which removes the worry of unexpected veterinary bills and saves them money over their pet’s lifetime.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Every policy covers any non-routine treatment or referral that the practice prescribes.
  • Pet Proactive confirm pre-existing conditions upfront, then guarantee to pay claims for all other health conditions in full.
  • The practice has full visibility of the pet’s remaining policy limit and pre-existing condition exclusions.
  • Customer premiums reflect the lifetime treatment costs of pets at the practice. Because of the reduced exposure to corporate vet practices, the premiums are normally much less expensive than the market leading insurance provider.
  • Claims are normally settled within one week and payment is made direct to the practice, so customers normally have nothing to pay after the policy excess.
  • Every policy has one single annual excess of £100, not one per condition.
  • Truly instant insurance pricing – a customer just needs their mobile phone number to receive prices for all their registered pets.
  • Emergency treatment at any practice in the world and alternative cover if the customer wants to leave the practice.
  • All their standard services are provided free of charge to the partner practice.

Pet Proactive, launched to customers in 2022, are currently working with three large multi-branch small animal practices, and the results so far have been a success.

Pet Proactive has partnerships in place with six other independent veterinary practices (correct at the time of writing) and are looking to partner with more practices over the next 12 months.

“As vets we all know that pet insurance can make our lives easier due to the cushion of financial security when embarking on treatment plans. However, we all have stories where vets and clients have been caught out by understanding that insurance is in place only to find that it isn’t – usually due to a loophole exploited by the insurer. Pet Proactive provides full peace of mind to clients and vets by being completely open from the outset around what is or isn’t covered. No surprises and the added benefit of just one excess per year.” – Tim Hutchinson, Managing Partner, Larkmead Veterinary Group.

“The process is simple and client feedback has been very positive. My own claim was paid before my dog even left the building” – Emily Brown, Practice Manager, Aldervale Vets.

Elizabeth Graham and Alex Banks who co-founded the business in 2019, have over 40 years of experience in insurance and technology between them. They have developed the technology to analyse treatment data from any vet practice and automate the insurance lifecycle.

Pet Proactive is an independent business, based in West Sussex. They are supported by HDI Global Specialty SE (one of Germany’s largest A+ rated insurers) who provide the capital to pay claims.

If you would like to find out more, please email Pet Proactive at or visit their website where you can view their story so far.